Low-Cost Design® Carbon Capture Technology, LCDesign®

LCDesign® Carbon Capture Technology

  • Delta CleanTech has designed a Pre-/Post-combustion CO2 capture technology known as LCDesign® 
  • Proven to be a cost-effective CO2 capture solution for CO2 enhanced heavy oil production, coal and gas power generation, and industrial food grade CO2 markets 
  • LCDesign® is based on chemically reactive solvents, which is a proven & leading industrial technology, DeltaSolv® 
  • Delta Reclaimer® can be integrated with the LCDesign® system or with other carbon capture systems.

LCDesign® CO2 Capture System

  • Use LCDesign® to significantly reduce: - CAPEX & OPEX (CO2 Cost) - Emissions, Effluent & Waste - Chemical/Water Consumption - Plant Size - Labor Requirement
  • Uses a modular design approach to design, fabricate and deliver
  • LCDesign® can be used with generic solvents and DeltaSolv® solvents which are based on proven chemical and additives, available in the market

Delta LCDesign® Carbon Capture Technology

The LCDesign® system has significant benefits such as:

Simplicity: simplified configuration

Scalability: Scaled from 1-7,000 Tonnes per day

Performability: Capture CO2 at any recovery ratio (up to 99%)

Availability: DeltaSolv® solvents are commercially available with no royalty fees

Flexibility: LCDesign® can be operated in a wide range of gas loads (30-120%)

Maturity: Technology readiness Level (TRL) is 9 and is commercially available.

Photos from the Husky Lashburn CO2 Capture & Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

The LCDesign® unit can capture CO2 from coal-fired power plants and from the plentiful supply of OTSG boilers (Once Through Steam Generators) used in SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) and CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation), or any other flue gas source such as cement plants, refineries or diesel generators.

  • Delta’s technologies have been engineered to reduce capital and operating costs while at the same time delivering superior performance by reducing energy usage, lowering emissions, and improving the quality of CO2 product captured.
  • Delta is well known globally for our expertise and has participated in many CO2 capture projects world-wide.
  • The LCDesign® also reduces the cost of CO2 Capture, through our proprietary modeling and simulation process called the PDOengine®.
  • The LCDesign® is modular and is designed to reduce waste disposal and minimize the amount of water and utilities utilized.