Delta Reclaimer®


Delta Reclaimer® is a patented, unique, and simple thermal/vacuum technology for reclaiming and purifying single, mixed and formulated amine solvents, as well as glycols used in different industries. It has been designed to remove all high-boiling degradation products, ionic species, impurities, and fine suspended solids from these chemicals. Delta commercial products are designed to meet the cleanup targets for our clients. Delta Reclaimer® can be designed to be mobile, semi-mobile or fixed units. Reclaimer units can be integrated to the existing facility and its utilities or can be standalone units with self-supplied utilities. Reclaimer capacity can be as large as required.

Reclaimer Services

  • Reclaiming/purifying amine hindered amine and/or aqueous solutions (single, mixed, formulated) solvents such as mono-ethanolamine, di-ethanolamine, methyl diethanolamine, tri-ethanolamine, etc.
  • Reclaiming/purifying glycols such as mono-ethylene glycol, di-ethylene glycol, and tri-ethylene glycol.
  • Separation and purification of amine solvents from glycol solutions and vice versa.
  • Purification of several industrial chemicals, solvents, and hydrocarbons.

re3™ (reclaim, recycle, reuse) Technology

  • Reclaiming, Recycling & Reusing - industrial liquids (solvents and glycols) that are utilized in CO2 capture, oil refining, petrochemical production, natural gas clean-up and processing, as well as hydrogen production.
  • Removes all impurities – Proprietary process which removes every classification of impurities irrespective of feed concentrations or physical properties .
  • Cost Savings - Customers can save as much as 25% over the cost of buying new fluids and paying disposal costs on spent fluids .
  • Centralized Solvent & Glycol Reclaiming – waste management Hubs strategically located in high energy processing, industrial locations (Alberta, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and GCC Countries).



  • Delta’s CO2 Capture Technology was competitively selected to provide the CO2 for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.
  • Installed at the Enmax Sheppard NG fired power plant.
  • Delta and construction partners, built and commissioned the CO2 capture plant which included integrated solvent reclaiming technology.
  • Delta is supporting InnoTech in operating, optimizing, and supervising the CO2 capture technologies evaluation test campaigns, which are planned after the XPRIZE competition concludes.